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Music is like my culture,it is my way of life,music speaks louder than words,oo i like d sweet melodial sensation in my ears,it is my drug,infact it is my world.and for my daily dose of music i go here to listen to free music  .Whether you admit it or not, music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories.i wonder what my life wld be lyke wihout the sweet melodies in my ear,without something to calm me down when am mad with d world and my self too.Am thinkin a lot of words rite now to describe the fiasco my life wld be in.Believe me there is no day passes without my mp3 downloading of one song or the other .in three words,i am Obssessed wif music.Talking about good music though,not the noise some people come up with now and call music.Music is an indespensable tool in the world.wish i coul see what the world would be like without music for a day or two,but i am positve it would be no fantasy of coming to the type of music,they are hiphop, rnb,jazz,pop etc.buh my top two stiill remain hip hop and rnb..on to the output,we have the MP3,AAC,WMA,MIDI and so on but there is no denying the fact that the mp3 format is the best output ever,they are different sites for some free music downloads,including and not limited to .my parents often to say we listen to rubish these days,buh i answer with the reply music is how you express yourself your taste in music might not be my is a free world so let me listen to the sounds i have passion for.the importance of music cannot be overemphasized.infact,music is the hear i breathe,my life,and my soul.without music my life would be a if you do not want that as much as i dont, then click for free mp3 downloads


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